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A Realistic Artificial Grass

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Glade is a soft, realistic artificial grass with mixed, natural olive and vibrant green tones. A combination of straight and twisted blades give Glade its authentic appearance, and its blades will feel soft underfoot. Glade is premium product, manufactured in Europe and comes complete with a high-quality latex backing with a 9 year guarantee. As with all our artificial grasses, it is suitable for all landscaping applications, is pet friendly, and safe for children’s areas.

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Product Description

Yarn description:
70% polyethylene, 30% polypropylene, two coloured, UV resistant, straight and crimped, monofilament. Olive and meadow green.

Backing characteristics:
Woven polypropylene with fibre locked fleece, latex compound

Product specification:

Tufts – 18,900 /m2
Total weight – 16,000 g/m2
Pile height – 35mm
Stitch rate – 18 p/10cm
Total height – 37mm
Machine gauge – 3/8″
Infill – 5kg per m2

Country of Manufacture: EU (Belgium)

Manufacturer’s Guarantee:
9 year manufacturer’s guarantee, subject to conditions such as correct installation and continual maintenance of the surface. Infill requirements: 5 -8 Kg/m² of rounded (non-angular), sieved, washed and dried silica sand of 0,7 to 0,8 mm grain size, the use of any other material will invalidate the warranty.

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