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Terms and Conditions

Please take a moment to read these important terms and conditions relating to Blades Artificial Grass sales and installation services, and the Manufacturer’s product guarantees.

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Artificial Grass Supply

  • For supply only orders we offer full rolls (4m x 25m) or a bespoke cut-roll service. The cut roll service can be tailored to your individual dimensions using either 2m or 4m wide rolls, and cut to the nearest half metre.
  • We use a specialist, UK engineered, state of the art artificial grass cutting machine so your dimensions should always be millimetre perfect. It is our customers’ responsibility to ensure dimensions are correct, and whilst we will help you correct any mistakes by providing extra pieces to join if you are short, we cannot replace bespoke cut rolls. Before ordering we recommend you measure, check and measure again.
  • We also operate a stringent quality control process, which means all grass is checked for defects and compression marks before it leaves our warehouse.
  • Upon delivery of your grass you must check the contents for defects, including damage caused in transit, and notify us within 24 hours if there are any issues – taking photographs of any potential problems.
  • Genuine defects will be handled by the manufacturer – please re-roll the grass as best you can and we will arrange collection and notify the manufacturer. Please do not attempt to install grass if you believe there are any quality issues as this will negate the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • When you unroll the grass you should also check the length is correct as per your written order. If you believe the quantity is incorrect, do not attempt to install. Any rolls that have been cut, tampered with or part-installed cannot be replaced.
  • We use reliable, specialist transit couriers to deliver our grass – but please check on signing for your delivery that the packaging is in tact and the grass is undamaged. If there are any issues, please notify the courier, take photographs and tell us immediately so that we can rectify the problem. Issues must be reported within 24 hours otherwise we cannot replace or progress a complaint with the courier. If you are satisfied the grass is not damaged please be aware that after you have installed the grass we cannot replace the grass if you later discover a defect.


  • Although artificial grass is considered low-maintenance, there are still some important tasks you should carry out to keep it looking its best. Failure to maintain your grass properly could negate your Manufacturer’s guarantee, so please read your after-care pack carefully. You should also book at least 1 maintenance visit per year to validate your guarantees.

Payment Terms

  • Full and cleared payment must be made for supply only orders before we can process, cut and dispatch.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and bank BACS transfers. Supply only orders will only be dispatched once full payment has cleared our account. There are no charges for debit cards or bank transfers, but we have to pass on the the 1.8% charge for credit cards and 3% for Paypal payments. Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express.
  • For installation orders, we require a 50% materials deposit 7 days prior to installation date, with balance paid upon completion date. There are no exceptions to this condition and delayed payments will be referred to a debt collection service immediately, where interest will be payable.
  • We can accept cheques if necessary but funds must be cleared in accordance with the above.


  • Supply orders cannot be cancelled or amended once the grass has been cut and prepared for dispatch.
  • We manage our installation schedule very tightly with a small team of installers. Cancellations and project delays can be very costly for a small business, but we do understand that circumstances can change. We will always do our utmost to accommodate these for you.
  • Installation orders must be cancelled with at least 7 days notice prior to installation start date, and preferably 14 days. Unfortunately, failure to do so will result in a fixed labour charge of £600 (plus VAT) per agreed installation day.
  • If you wish to delay your installation date you must also notify us as soon as possible, and at least 7 days prior to installation start date. A £500 per agreed installation day will be charged for any cancellations or delays after that.


  • We hold most stock in our warehouse and delivery is usually made within 3 to 5 days. In some cases we may be able to arrange a next-day delivery (please note further delivery charges will apply for special courier services).
  • You are also more than welcome to collect your grass from our warehouse if we have this in stock. Please let us know in good time so we can be ready for you. Also be aware of the weights of the artificial grass – we can help you load the grass on to your vehicle but you may need an extra pair of hands to help you offload.
  • For larger orders, or products we don’t carry stock for, delivery is still usually within 5 working days. All our grass is manufactured in the UK and nearby Europe so special orders usually arrive with us very promptly. We will always advise you of expected delivery date when you order.
  • We can arrange Saturday deliveries – there will be a premium to pay on top of our standard carriage charges.

Manufacturer’s Product Guarantee

The Manufacturer guarantees product warranty for a period of 9 years.

  • For the period of the guarantee, The Manufacturer guarantees that the surface will:

(a) Be free from significant fading
(b) Not suffer significant or unusual breakdown/deterioration due to UV and climatic degradation. A product whose original tensile strength does not decrease with 50% is judged to have sustained its UV-stability and tensile strength.
(c) Not show abnormal wear symptoms. The Manufacturer’s landscaping products have been tested from a pile anchorage perspective. We hereby guarantee that the product should not show any abnormal “pile loss” in the first 5 years of use, a pile yarn loss not exceeding 10% annually is considered normal under normal usage of the product.
(d) Not suffer from direct influences of normal climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
(e) Show sufficient water permeability (≥ 180 mm/h).
(f) Show sufficient pile anchoring (min. 1,5 kilo a burl, measured with the draw apparatus).
(g) Resist chlorinated swimming pool water and seawater.

  • The warranty provided herein is the sole and exclusive warranty with respect to The Manufacturer’s products and supersedes any and all other warranties, oral or written, of any type relating to The Manufacturer Sport’s products.
  • Additional products supplied by The Manufacturer but not fabricated at The Manufacturer’s factory are not covered by this warranty and are sold “as is”.


  • The validity of the guarantee starts at the expedition date of the artificial grass.
  • In any case The Manufacturer’s obligations will be limited to the value of the Product as invoiced by The Manufacturer to the Purchaser.
  • Should the pile loss under the conditions above still exceed the 10% annual loss, The Manufacturer will reimburse these specific areas at the following rate: purchase price multiplied by months remaining in warranty period divided by total number of months in the warranty period.
    Replacement of defective turf will be ex works and exclusive of VAT.
  • Prior to any claim being accepted by The Manufacturer the client/installer must notify defects established before, during or after the installation by phone or fax and confirm by registered mail accompanied by the corresponding purchase invoice. In case of defects during installation the installation must be interrupted until further instructions from The Manufacturer are received. The Manufacturer commits itself to define its position with regard to the possibility of continuing the installation within 2 working days.
  • Prior to any claim being accepted by The Manufacturer the client/customer must allow The Manufacturer or its agent free access to inspect, uplift and test the surface.
  • The Purchaser loses the right to invoke the present warranty obligation, to rely on a lack of conformity and/or to claim any remedy or damages whatsoever if he does not give notice to The Manufacturer within a period of 10 working days after the date on which the defect became known to the Purchaser.
  • Ultraviolet exposure should not exceed 120 Kilo Langley (kLys) per year. All tests and conditions to be conducted according to the relevant European standards.
  • This warranty is only valid in areas of normal landscaping use.


  • The indemnity granted by The Manufacturer only consists of a replacement of the defective areas of artificial grass. The Manufacturer shall neither be obligated to remove or dispose of the defective turf or install the new turf, nor be obligated to pay the cost for the removal, disposal or installation.
  • In no event shall The Manufacturer be liable, whether in contract or in tort (including, but not limited to negligence) for lost profits or revenues, loss of use or similar economic loss, or for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or similar damages arising out of or in connection with the use, condition, possession, performance, maintenance, non-delivery or late delivery of the product.
  • This warranty is only valid if the installation of the product is carried out correctly, and if the recommended installation materials have been used, such as adhesives and sand.
  • This guarantee is only valid if the Product concerned has been maintained and used according to the instructions and maintenance manual delivered by The Manufacturer.
  • This warranty does NOT apply in the event:

(a) That the practiced use is not in line with the installed type of artificial grass.
(b) Of damages resulting from a wrongly laid sub-base or a mistake in the installation of the grass.
(c) Of mechanical damages, burns, cuts, accidents, negligence, neglect, vandalism, fire, chemical reactions, floods or any other natural disaster.
(d) Of initiatives or measures taken by any distributor or installer, even acknowledged by The Manufacturer if these are not in line with the specification sheets or recommendations by The Manufacturer and not approved of in writing by The Manufacturer.

  • This warranty does NOT apply to the extent that any defect or damage is caused by:

(a) Drainage defects or deficiencies of the sub-base
(b) Wear or abrasion caused by an inadequate sub-base
(c) Use of inappropriate infill products of inappropriate type, shape, amount or gradient.
(d) Failure to maintain infill products at correct level.
(e) Any harmful chemical reaction to the Product caused by infill products
(f) Use of inappropriate footwear
(g) Application of inappropriate cleaning methods
(h) Use of cleaning chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides
(i) Force majeure or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of The Manufacturer
(j) Post fibrillation after or during installation for purposes other than to get the infill materials in place
(k) Failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the Product.
(l) Damage caused by motor vehicles or other heavy machinery.
(m) Damage caused by fireworks, outdoor cooking equipment, bonfires or discarded cigarettes.
(n) Damage caused by broken glass or other sharp materials which may rip or tear the surface


  • Claims under this warranty must be tendered in writing within 10 days after the discovery of the alleged defect, accompanied with proof of installation date, name of installation company, batch number, location of installation, product sample, sample of infill material(s) and a minimum of three clear pictures showing the problem.
  • The Manufacturer shall not be held to bear any costs or expenses incurred by the Purchaser or others with regard to any tests, inspections or consultations carried out by the Purchaser or others.