Emerging Designers Competition

During the summer of 2012, Waltham Forest Council and Jan Kattein Architects launched a design competition; an ambitious project to rejuvenate a row independent retailers and shops on High Road, Leyton.

Emerging designers from top London and European design schools were teamed up with high street retailers to transform their shop displays and evolve branding and retail strategies. In total nine shops received stunning make-overs and 11 emerging designers were given the opportunity to build their portfolios.

Two such designers, Hugh McEwen and Catrina Stewart, approached us to sponsor the project with a donation of our bright purple artificial grass for their design for Nana Yaa, an Afro Carribean supermarket. We were delighted to help them out, even more so when we learned recently that Hugh and Catrina were awarded top prize in the competition.

The transformation of this little corner of London has been well-received by the retailers and locals alike – with many people feeling it has provided a welcome shot of community spirit as well as boosting trade. We’re big believers in supporting our high streets and independent retailers, so sponsoring the project was a great opportunity for us to show that.

Hugh was kind enough to send some photos and you can read more about the project here: Press Release

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