Society of Garden Designers Exhibitors

It’s been a couple of weeks since we exhibited at the Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference at Imperial College. We were pleased with our stand – especially having never exhibited before – keen to demostrate that artificial doesn’t have to mean ‘fake’.

SGD StandWe found a brilliant company called Green Graphics who produce eco-friendly (recycled and recyclable) stands. Really wanted to give them a mention because their service was first class and we were delighted with the end product. Once the stand was up we laid down a piece of our high-quality grass and attempted to make the space inviting.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day for us was speaking to so many forward-thinking designers about their ideas for using artificial grass. Our shared belief is still that artificial grass is a viable alternative where natural turf isn’t practical. Or even possible. We certainly don’t think we should be turfing the world, but we do see the positive results of using the artificial stuff, and the pleasure and convenience it brings to people’s lives; like providing a school with an all-year, all-weather playing surface for children, or replacing an ugly mud-pit to add instant colour to a beautifully designed garden.

And sometimes maybe it’s better to leave the worms in peace.