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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover? 2017-04-19T12:26:19+00:00

If you are purchasing artificial grass from us, we can deliver nationwide. We hold our core product range in stock so we can usually deliver to you very quickly. Please be aware our peak season is April to September so if you have a particularly large order, we recommend placing this as soon as possible.

For installation, our in-house Blades team cover Brighton, East and West Sussex, Greater London, Kent and Surrey. We also have a network of trusted partners, who install our artificial grass product range; currently this covers Southampton and surrounding areas, Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire, and Reading, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Please check though as we’re continually expanding our network.

Do you have a minimum order size? 2017-04-19T12:17:01+00:00

Not really no. We understand that your space is as individual as you are and we’re pleased to offer our supply and installation services regardless of your garden or project size. It’s worth considering that most projects under 8m2 should be fairly manageable for a DIY enthusiast.

If you’re just purchasing the grass we can cut to the nearest metre to minimise your cut-loss. The rolls are available as either 2m or 4m widths, or a combination of both.

We don’t store offcuts for very small areas such as manhole covers as we tend to use or dispose of our grass at the end of each project.

Can I have artificial grass indoors? 2017-05-08T13:06:46+00:00

Yes you can. We’ve installed artificial grass indoors on many projects – you can view these in the projects gallery.

The uses for artificial grass are becoming more imaginative by the day. It can be fixed to most surfaces indoors, outdoors, walls and furniture. Do call us for advice and we’ll be happy to advise.

Can you lay artificial grass on hard surfaces? 2017-05-08T13:07:58+00:00

Definitely. Artificial grass can be laid on to a variety of surfaces including paved areas, decking and balconies – the possibilities are endless. You may wish to think about laying a shock pad underneath – particularly on decking areas – to prevent indentation over time if the surface isn’t smooth. You will also need to apply some adhesives if you lay artificial grass on hard surfaces.

Do give us a call and we will be happy to advise on the suitability of our products for your project.

Can artificial grass be laid on slopes? 2017-04-19T12:04:56+00:00

Artificial grass can be laid almost anywhere  including vertically. The grass can be laid onto sloped areas and gradients but will require fixing at the edges to prevent movement and slipping.

Is artificial grass environmentally friendly? 2017-04-19T12:02:40+00:00

Artificial grass is a manufactured product so it is not carbon neutral. Blades are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we are supporters of the Sussex Wildlife Trust to counter-balance as much as possible.

We only recommend artificial grass that is European or UK-manufactured – we make sure our manufacturers are also committed to being as efficient as they can. Many of the cheaper artificial grasses you may come across are imported from much further afield, where manufacturing processes are not as tightly regulated as our own, and the transportation miles are much longer.

As obvious as it sounds you don’t need to water artificial lawns to keep them lush and green, nor will you ever need to use harsh chemicals to keep them weed free.

Is artificial grass safe for dogs? 2017-04-19T11:56:53+00:00

All our artificial grass products are safe for dogs and many other pets such as cats and rabbits. Our products are manufactured in the UK or Europe, giving you peace of mind there are no harmful materials.

Pet waste is easy to clean up too; simply remove any solid waste and hose down as needed.

Is artificial grass safe for children? 2017-04-19T11:52:14+00:00

Absolutely. Artificial grass is now much softer and more realistic than first generation astroturf pitches. The soft fibres feel comfortable to touch and make the perfect surface for kids to play on safely and cleanly – all year round.

We are also able to supply shock pad in various depths, which is laid beneath your artificial lawn and offers further protection from falls – this is often used where artificial grass is laid around climbing frames and other play equipment.

Is your artificial grass guaranteed? 2017-04-19T11:48:49+00:00

At Blades we believe in offering only the best quality products. All of our artificial grass products are physically manufactured in the UK or Europe. As such, our artificial grass guarantees are at least 9 years. There are a lot of cheap imported grasses on the market – as with everything in life, you do get what you pay for.

Our artificial grass installation work is also guaranteed for 2 years, this is shorter simply because any issues with ground works and base construction will be apparent straightaway.

Can I install artificial grass myself? 2017-04-19T11:33:53+00:00

If you want to install artificial grass yourself, it’s not rocket science but it can be fiddly and very labour-intensive if you want a perfect, long-lasting finish.

For balcony areas and other hard surfaces it’s pretty straightforward but if you have an existing lawn, you will need to follow some essential guidelines before you install artificial grass yourself. First you will need to remove whatever is there currently; we dig out at least 2 inches of lawn/earth before constructing a timber frame around the perimeter – this is is to contain your base materials. Remember the grass comes in widths of 2m or 4m so you can minimise your cut-loss at this point by sticking to those increments.

To install artificial grass properly, it needs to be laid on a solid, free-draining base. We use a compacted mixture of type 1 MOT, blinded off with sharp sand to guarantee our bases don’t slip and slide over time, and more importantly, will allow surface water to drain away. You should also install a weed membrane.

The artificial grass will then need to be secured at the edges by pinning to the timber frame.

The kind of specialist equipment you’ll need to install artificial grass yourself: sharp cutting blades, a turf cutter, heavy duty compactor, seaming tape and glue if you’re doing joins, and we would usually have cause to hire a skip or Hippo bag to dispose of all the waste materials….and you definitely need a spare pair of strong or nimble hands.

Our professional team are able to provide a fully guaranteed artificial lawn installation service, so why not let us do the hard work for you?

Can I buy artificial grass from you directly? 2017-04-19T11:17:24+00:00

Yes we offer competitive rates for artificial grass prices products for both Trade and DIY customers. For your convenience you can buy artificial grass in exact cuts so you don’t have to buy full 25m rolls, and we can provide these cuts in either 2m or 4m widths, or a combination of both.

We can provide all your installation materials such as glue and seeming tape, but there are some materials you may wish to source yourselves as they are often cheaper; for example MOT and sharp sand for your base construction, weed membrane and kiln dried sand for dressing.

We can deliver artificial grass nationwide directly to your site or home – costs vary depending on location and weight but we’ll always advise you of this beforehand. You are also welcome to collect from our warehouse in Henfield, Sussex.

You can request artificial grass samples here, or do give us a call on 0800 107 5151 if you have any questions before you buy artificial grass online.